preab meadar

Preab meadar is something brand new in contemporary trad, and Celtic music. Made of unprecedented rhythms and singing style it owes its inception to early and medieval Celtic Literature, in particular to Gaelic strict-metre poetry of the medieval period 600AD - 1600AD.

1000 years in the making, it is a sensational new dance music style of complex rhythms and deft and elaborate lyrics.


Samhradh (Deachnadh Beag)

A poem from a Roscommon poet of the 11th C. Samhradh is an example of a Deachnadh mBec, which is caracterised by lines of five syllables.

The rhyming pattern is compact but ingenious. The finals of the second and fourth lines rhyme. The 1st and 3rd lines consonate with the rhyming words. Chain alliteration occurs across lines -normally in threes. And assonance binds lines in each couplet.